Digital Marketing

Say goodbye to mediocre performance and lost ad spent. With a hyper-targeted social media marketing plan, you can focus on your ideal customer.


Digital Marketing

WAt Digiklout, a digital marketing company in Pune & Gwalior, we are confident in the digital-first business’s future. We have a solid and well-organized marketing team dedicated to continuous updates in the market, searching for new ideas, and implementing cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. Because every business has a unique objective, we provide customized digital marketing services in Pune to each customer.
With our digital marketing tactics, we plan, develop, and build your brand. Our digital marketers also educate, exchange ideas, and gain customer feedback by interacting with them across all digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

It's critical to develop your brand across a variety of social media sites. When people worldwide are aware of your brand, you have a better chance of attracting potential customers. We receive more potential customers and queries as a result of our efforts. Our SMO specialist will devote their full attention to developing a brand, promoting it, and optimizing business pages..


You can use remarketing to keep track of your existing customers' behaviour patterns. Our team of marketing, advertising, and branding experts will devise a strategy to optimise and build your remarketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most successful strategies for reaching out to a broader audience, and it does it without requiring as much investment as other digital marketing platforms. We offer the best bulk email marketing services and personalized email marketing services at Digiklout to help you expand your reach and maximize your profits.

Linkedin Advertising

The best approach to move forward is to create a robust LinkedIn Marketing Agency Plan. LinkedIn is a powerful social network that connects professionals from all around the world. Linkedin is usually thought of as the online equivalent of a networking event.

Facebook Advertising

Since almost everyone uses Facebook these days, it's beneficial to reach out to a large audience. Facebook advertising is continuously attracting consumers and directing them to your website. When an ad is clicked, displayed, or clicked, a lead is generated. It is determined on the mode selected (click, Impression, Reach, acquisition, etc.) Facebook advertising is available on various devices and platforms to reach your primary objective and target audience.

Youtube Advertising

In recent years youtube has become one of the most popular video-sharing services. For a wide range of company demands, digiklout offers an inside and YouTube advertisement service. Our service focuses on securing commitment and converting potential consumers into paying customers. YouTube is the most popular video-streaming platform on the internet.

Content Marketing

Our content writing services make your informative and promotional content more relevant and intentional, which leads to higher engagement, sales, referrals, and social shares. With facilitated article booking in light of subject keyword research and material intended to satisfy your client's demands and requirements, we will broaden the scope of your content and its distribution to significant channels/groups where you may successfully reach your clients.

OTT Marketing

Digiklout is the Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising firm in Pune &Gwalior, INDIA. We, at digiklout, provide a one-stop shop for all OTT advertising requirements for various businesses. Our clients from all verticals have effectively conducted their advertising campaigns across OTT platforms. Platforms such as Disney+, Hotstar, and Gaana are examples of over-the-top (OTT) advertising possibilities. These platforms have revolutionized how Indians consume content.

Why Us

  • We as an interactive digital marketing firm in Pune, India use a user-centric strategy .
  • Using digital marketing tactics, we prepare, develop, and grow your brand. To secure a long-term marketing funnel.
  • We employ a proven & trusted digital marketing process for your company.
  • The paradigm shift of marketing towards digital media has made the businesses adopt the advance level in marketing.
  • We assist you in creating a digital experience for your users and nurturing them throughout their purchasing journey.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)​

Facebook? No less than three times a week.

Instagram? Once a day is plenty.

LinkedIn? Twice a week.

Twitter? This one is a little more variable.

To begin, concentrate on the social media networks with the most active people. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular social media platforms. The next stage is to learn about your target demographic and figure out how they spend their time. What are their inclinations in terms of behaviour? What kind of stuff do they enjoy watching? What is its effect on a consumer?

Definitely! Because social media has grown in popularity, you must never think that concentrating your digital marketing efforts solely on social media sites is enough. There are far more active email accounts on the earth than any other social media account. Email marketing is more personal, and customers consider it to be more personalized. The majority of people are constantly connected to their email, checking it numerous times a day and receiving notifications on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Surely! With modern marketing trends, the traditional tactics are still relevant. SMS marketing is one of them. SMS marketing can aid you with brand recall if you have a robust database.

With the rise of OTT platforms, it is becoming increasingly vital to use these platforms, which are both costly and offer significant long-term benefits.