Google Ads

Google Ads creates online ads that target people who are specifically interested in the products and services you provide.

Google Ads

Digiklout offers Google Ads services to help you increase your audience reach and attract new visitors. For example, we target those who are looking for similar products and services. We assist you in achieving your objectives and expanding your audience. The conversion of website visitors into customers is our primary goal. At Digiklout, we do so by providing them with important information and opportunities for business growth.

Google Ad Services

Long-tail Keywords

Only invest in high-converting keywords that are relevant to your business, service, and sectors to prevent squandering money.

Google Search Ads

You can outsmart your competitors if you're at the top of Google results when consumers seek your products.

Google Display Ads

With image-focused ads that can reach 90% of the Internet, you can attract individuals while they visit their favorite websites.

Personalized Banners

Get all of the attention by having efficient Google Ads banners customized exclusively for your products or services.


Your re-marketing Ads can be displayed on the Google Search Engine and its Partnered Websites. On the other side, it ensures easy targeting and advertising focus.

Our Approach

As a dynamic google ads service provider in Pune, India, we employ a user-centric and data-centric strategy. We prepare, build, and grow your brand using cutting-edge strategies. We also use tried-and-tested techniques and processes for your business.

Why Us

  • We conduct extensive marketing research,Before we start your paid campaign . We conduct a business audit and develop a growth strategy for your company.
  • Our auditing and quality control efforts will assist us in providing data for a real-time click.
  • Our reporting data will measure your interactions based on clicks, contact form submissions, phone calls, and funnel tracking.
  • Our remarketing strategy will assist you in increasing conversions. We are only interested in folks who have visited your website.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)​

No. Google AdWords is an advertisement platform that offers a diverse range of ad types and places, including Search advertisements (the most prevalent), Display ads (banners on websites), Remarketing to various people who have visited your website, YouTube (banners and video), and Gmail ads.

SEO is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy, yet it is frequently overlooked and undervalued by both businesses and site developers. Google AdWords is a quick and easy approach to drive targeted traffic to your site. It’s easy to set up, and it’s a lot faster than SEO at generating traffic (generally). Both are long-term investments, but AdWords clicks are only paid for when individuals are interested in your goods (generally).

Both are critical. The quality of your AdWords campaigns can be improved by using certain SEO features. It’s vital to remember that the use of Google for paid advertising will have no effect on your organic search rankings, while it may increase the click – through rate of the organic listings (due to searchers subtly seeing your brand in an advert before scrolling down).